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외국어와 한국어 교육으로 21세기 글로벌 시대를 이끌 사람을 만들어가는
공주대학교 국제교육원입니다.
  • With innovative foreign and Korean language education, IILE of KNU fosters manpower to lead the Global Era of the 21st Century.
    Designed to raise the international status of the University and serve as the bridge for linguistic and cultural communication with people of the world in the global era of the 21st century through improvement of foreign language skills for local community and education of the Korean language as a foreign language, the Institute of International Language Education (IILE) at Kongju National University (KNU) is implementing the following projects.

    First, with native speaker faculty at front and center and through various foreign language programs including English, Japanese, and Chinese, Foreign Language Education Division does its best to teach foreign languages to yearly 5,000 people including students of the University, elementary, middle and high school students, as well as residents in the region with a view to helping them contribute to globalization through improved foreign language skills.

    Second, equipped with faculty specializing in the Korean language, Korean Language Division provides not only quality Korean education for international students of the University but also warming care designed to help them adapt to Korean culture.

    Third, IILE performs a crucial role in the foreign language education and globalization for Chungncheongnam-do by placing its main center at Singwan Campus and branches at Yesan Campus and Cheonan Campus.

    IILE of KNU will do its best to boost the competitiveness of the University, the region, and the country while presenting enhanced education through the development and employment of specialized program in foreign languages and Korean.

    Thank You.