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외국어와 한국어 교육으로 21세기 글로벌 시대를 이끌 사람을 만들어가는
공주대학교 국제교육원입니다.

Related Regulations

1. A would-be student selects a desired course within a deadline for application.
2. Following application, the applicant transfers tuition to the IILE account using online or offline bank procedure within 24 hours.
   At this point, the depositor shall provide the relevant student's name and the course code.
   e.g., K1홍길동 for a student named Hong Kil-dong taking an elementary class 1.
   Beware. Your application will be cancelled by IILE unless you pay the tuition within 24 hours from your application.
3. IILE checks an applicant's tuition payment.
4. An applicant who has paid tuition should use the Personal Information Look-Up on the IILE homepage to check enrollment status and verify tuition payment.
5. Those students who are eligible for discount (discount for enrolled students and staff of KNU, discount on one of two courses taken by one person, and discount for two or more persons from one same family) can get a discount by submitting evidential documents (like a student's enrollment certificate, national healthcare certificate etc.) within the submission period after they first apply for a course for a normal amount of tuition.
6. On the first class day, students join the class in the designated classroom.